Bietina Chard

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Bietina Chard
Bietina Chard
Bietina Chard
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Beta vulgaris - Another exclusive, this rare leafy green originates in Italy. We like to call it the Italian Swiss Chard. The leaves are tender, a medium green colour with smooth edges. It is noted that the oxalic acid content is lower, which gives that metallic tang to other chards and beet greens. The baby greens are ready in 35 days and add a nice flavour to mixed salads. The mature leaves are 6-8 inches long and ready in about 2 months. A tender perennial will overwinter on the coast with a mulch cover. Start in early to mid- spring planting ¼ inch deep.


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About our Seed Packets

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We use simple thick Kraft paper envelopes and sealed plastic bags to protect seeds from light and moisture. They are shipped in bubble wrap envelopes for extra protection. Store them in a cool dry place in this packaging for an extended shelf life.

Approximate Seed Count per Package:

  • Tomatoes- 15-20 seeds
  • Endangered Tomatoes- 10-15 seeds or noted
  • Peppers- 15 seeds
  • Endangered Peppers- 10 seeds
  • Herbs- 25-30 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Flowers- 25-30 seeds
  • Melons- 15 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Cabbage- 20 seeds
  • Broccoli- 40 - 50 seeds
  • Perennial Broccoli - 20 seeds
  • Celery- 40 seeds
  • Chard- 35 seeds
  • Shallots- 35-40 seeds
  • Onions- 25 seeds
  • Earth Chestnut- 25 seeds
  • Beans- 20 seeds or noted
  • Greens- 30-40 seeds or noted
  • Parsley- 50 seeds
  • Walking Onions- 5 bulbils 
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