Murasaki Purple Pepper

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Murasaki Purple Pepper
Murasaki Purple Pepper
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This Japanese heirloom joins our classic oriental collection. Rarely found outside of its native Nara prefecture, it is in the Capiscum annum family. Strong beautiful bushes with tinged purple leaves and flowers. Expect huge production of shiny purple small tapered fruit that fully ripens to red. Although they look hot, they are not!
Grows well in pots. The flavour is mild and slightly sweet . The texture is crisp and used traditionally in tempura, lightly stir fried and chopped into salads. They do lose the purple colour when cooked. An excellent source of anthocyanins, important as an anti-inflammatory providing protection from free radical damage. A smaller packet of 10 seeds.


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About our Seed Packets

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We use simple thick Kraft paper envelopes and sealed plastic bags to protect seeds from light and moisture. They are shipped in bubble wrap envelopes for extra protection. Store them in a cool dry place in this packaging for an extended shelf life.

Approximate Seed Count per Package:

  • Tomatoes- 15-20 seeds
  • Endangered Tomatoes- 10-15 seeds or noted
  • Peppers- 15 seeds
  • Endangered Peppers- 10 seeds
  • Herbs- 25-30 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Flowers- 25-30 seeds
  • Melons- 15 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Cabbage- 20 seeds
  • Broccoli- 40 - 50 seeds
  • Perennial Broccoli - 20 seeds
  • Celery- 40 seeds
  • Chard- 35 seeds
  • Shallots- 35-40 seeds
  • Onions- 25 seeds
  • Earth Chestnut- 25 seeds
  • Beans- 20 seeds or noted
  • Greens- 30-40 seeds or noted
  • Parsley- 50 seeds
  • Walking Onions- 5 bulbils 
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