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Lemon Balm - NEW!

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Melissa officinalis

We are here to sing the praises of this overlooked and misunderstood beneficial perennial herb! We grow hedgerows in many places all over our farm. One of the best for honey bees. Their have a long bloom period into the summer months, when not much is available to them. They provide a literal bee symphony for weeks.
Lemon Balm tea, fresh or dried, is one of the most important medicinals. It's delicious lemon flavour, once infused or steeped for 10 minutes, has a multitude of uses. It is antiviral, antibacterial, sedative, loaded with antioxidants, relieves stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, tension headaches, indigestion, vertigo, insomnia. A topical cream relieves cold sores and useful for cuts and wounds. Very easy to grow. Thrives in poor soils, it is drought tolerant, and deer and bunnies don't touch it.
Provide a location where it can establish itself and spread to it's heart content. Direct sow in the spring in all Zones and can also sow in fall in Zone 8. Barely cover the seed. Scarification, or rubbing gently with a fine sandpaper can speed germination. This is a very generous seed packet in our efforts to encourage you to bring this gem back to our gardens!



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Canada Orders: When an order is placed it is processed within two weeks maximum. Packages are sent with Canada Post standard mail. 

 U.S.A orders: For our customers in the United States, our products are available online at Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre.

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About our Seed Packets

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We use simple thick Kraft paper envelopes and sealed plastic bags to protect seeds from light and moisture. They are shipped in bubble wrap envelopes for extra protection. Store them in a cool dry place in this packaging for an extended shelf life.

Approximate Seed Count per Package:

  • Tomatoes- 15-20 seeds
  • Endangered Tomatoes- 10-15 seeds or noted
  • Peppers- 15 seeds
  • Endangered Peppers- 10 seeds
  • Herbs- 25-30 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Flowers- 25-30 seeds
  • Melons- 15 seeds unless otherwise noted
  • Cabbage- 20 seeds
  • Broccoli- 40 - 50 seeds
  • Perennial Broccoli - 20 seeds
  • Celery- 40 seeds
  • Chard- 35 seeds
  • Shallots- 35-40 seeds
  • Onions- 25 seeds
  • Earth Chestnut- 25 seeds
  • Beans- 20 seeds or noted
  • Greens- 30-40 seeds or noted
  • Parsley- 50 seeds
  • Walking Onions- 5 bulbils 


Store Locations

You can find Eagleridge Seeds in these fine stores:


Sweet Meadows Market 

2957 Church Way

Milk Bay, BC


Oak Bay Home Hardware

1911 Oak Bay Ave.

Victoria, BC


Country Grocer

374 Lower Ganges Rd.

Salt Spring Island, BC


Wildwood Outdoor Living

4660 Elk Lake Dr. 

Victoria, BC


Wildwood Express now sells our seeds online! We are so pleased to announce that they can ship our seeds to the U.S.A. See our Wildwood Collection live on their site.

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