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Heirloom tomatoes are the specialty of this seed farm. We have trialled hundreds of varieties collected from all over the world to discover the best varieties for temperate climates. We invite you to discover the diversity of textures and flavours from the past.

It is not hard to understand these heirlooms have become the favourite of gardeners as there is nothing else that compares for flavour. They have drought tolerance, disease resistance and excellent production. They have been chosen for their good keeping qualities on the vine and once picked.

Determinate varieties produce all of their fruit at once on small plants. Indeterminate varieties grow continuously and can easily reach heights of 8 feet in a temperate growing season. They also produce fruit over a long period of time and should be pruned and staked to encourage a more abundant fruit set.  A newer classification is semi-determinate which reaches heights of up to 5 feet and produces fruit over a longer period of time. Most heirlooms are this type.

Our regular tomato packets are 15- 20 seeds. Our endangered varieties are 5-15 seeds, each will be noted separately.

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