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Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

This most famous of the heirlooms, The Brandywine family of cultivars has been passionately selected and worked with all over North America. We started collecting over 14 years ago, and some of these selections are quite rare. The original seed was brought to the Americas by the Amish. There are now beefsteak, bush types, large and small cherries , in just about every colour.

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The Brandywine Tomato Family


New: Babywine - Endangered Heirloom - Huge producer of perfect oval ruddy red fruit, that are 1-2 inches long. The flesh is meaty and has a nice balanced taste.


Cherry Brandywine

This rare cherry type is a semi determinate plant, produces slightly flattened bright red fruit, that starts to ripen mid –season.



NEW - This selection is a smaller beefsteak, with deep red shiny skins . This 4 foot bush requires a tomato cage for it’s abundant and early production.


Pink Brandywine

New - Pink Brandywine - This famous selection is one of the originals first brought to America by the Amish settlers from 1885 and then selected for it’s excellent traits.


Red Landis

This bright red bush variety has large fruit, somewhat blocky, and produces very well . This has proven to be the earliest of the large fruited varieties.

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