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This section contains both large and smaller varieties of Cherry tomatoes. There are many colours and flavours to choose from. Most of these plants are semi-determinates, growing between 4-5 feet tall, if grown outdoors. Greenhouse growing does increase the size of these plants. The production is excellent and staking is recommended.

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Cherry Tomatoes

Ailsa Craig

NEW - This famous Scottish heirloom produces a perfectly round larger red cherry. The plants average 3 feet tall.



NEW - An English classic grilling tomato, which keeps it’s shape when cooked. Traditional tomato taste.



New: Babywine - Endangered Heirloom - Huge producer of perfect oval ruddy red fruit, that are 1-2 inches long. The flesh is meaty and has a nice balanced taste.



This large dark red oval cherry, is a North American heirloom, famous for its disease resistance.


Black Cherry

Produces large grape like clusters of deep purple fruit with lighter mauve etchings. Huge indeterminate plants ripen later in the season and stand up well in cooler fall temperatures.

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