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Interesting Hot  Pepper  Facts:
The first chiles were wild  berries that grew on vines in the Amazon  jungle.  The  plants thrived   and spread  north   from central  South  America  through Central  America, the Caribbean, and into southwestern North America.  Chiles were one of the earliest  plants to be cultivated   in the New World.  Culinary  and  medical  use  of hot  peppers extends back at least 7000 years. Read More...

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Hot Peppers

Bulgarian Carrot

Bulgarian Carrot - Oral history states that this pepper seed, also known as Shipkas, was smuggled from behind the Iron Curtain in the late 1970’. These peppers have an intense fruity, pungent flavour ...


Czech Black

This rare heirloom has medium heat. Forms a good sized bush to 2 feet tall, with small dark green leaves.



This endangered classic Hungarian heirloom is rarely found outside of their country. We are pleased to share this seed. Strong plants produce loads of uniform tapers that are 5 inches long.


Hot Portugal

Hot Portugal - A short season favourite producing in 65 days. Very sturdy plants are loaded with fiery hot 6 inch long narrow bright red fruit.


Hungarian Black

Hungarian Black - Purple flowers, dark green foliage with purple veining. Numerous thick walled mildly hot black peppers. Ready in 80 days.

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