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Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

Brassica juncea - Mustard greens are rich in vitamins and minerals. There are mild to hot varieties in our collection. They are always milder when young, prefer the cool seasons and are easy to grow from seed. Used traditionally in Oriental dishes, they can also be steamed like spinach or added to soup to enhance the flavour. They are not bitter when cooked. The colours add sparkle to mixed greens and salads. These nutritious plants deserve more attention.

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Soft green spoon shaped leaves forms a good sized bunch 12 inches tall. Productive and stands some frost. Use in stir fry , steamed, add to soups when mature and makes a nice addition for salad when ...


Mustard - Indian

This very rare plant has green/yellow leaves that grow upright to form a good sized bunch at maturity. The leaves have tiny waved edges and a smooth texture.


Mustard - Magma

This rare variety has a medium heat at maturity, much milder in the first 30 days. Ruddy red in colour with bright green accent, this fast grower is ideal for baby greens.



Wasabina - This endangered spicy Mustard from Japan has a very similar taste to Wasabi.


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