Eagleridge Seeds

Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

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Loose Leaf Lettuce

Asian Red

A nice bright red leaf with frilled edges. Holds it’s fresh flavour well into summer.


Australian Yellow Leaf

This quick grower has yellow/green crinkled leaves. Will mature into huge heads over 12 inches across and maintains a sweet flavour with good texture for many weeks.



Tall oval leaves of purple , slightly tinted bronze, a stunning colour. Excellent rich and sweet flavour that holds for weeks.



An open head of red, green and bronze pointed leaves. Rich flavour, quite unique overtones, almost zesty. Stands up to all conditions, a good early summer selection.


Deer Tongue

One of the oldest American heirlooms, dates back to the 1700's. The thick leaves are bright green, with a triangular shape and rounded tips.

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