Eagleridge Seeds

Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

Harvesting the best lettuce

Best to collect your lettuce greens in the cool of early morning. As the day warms up, juices rise and increase bitterness.

Baby greens are becoming very popular and we have noted when varieties are excellent choices. Direct seeding works very well.

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Lettuce Mix

Baby Greens Mix

Chosen for a mix of colours and textures. Can plant closely together for quick harvest.


Lettuce & Mild Greens Mix

Sweet mustard, kale, Giante D’Italia parsley - seeding early to mid spring.


Lettuce & Spicy Greens Mix

Arugula, cress and parcel - seeding early to mid spring.


Spring/Fall Mix

Can be direct seeded in early spring. Use a successive planting schedule of every 10 days to 2 weeks to extend the harvest.


Summer Mix

Start direct seeding in mid to late spring.


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