Eagleridge Seeds

Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

Some of the best know traditional medicines come from wild plants. Often considered as weeds, with proper management, they can easily be cultivated. Originally wild crafted and now grown on our farm, this group of perennial herbs are easy to grow, requiring no special treatment. To avoid invasive characteristics, it is as simple as not allowing them to go to seed.

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Native Medicinal Herbs

Indian Hemp

Indian Hemp — Apocynum cannibinum - Also called Hemp Dogbane.


Milk Thistle

This annual is famous for its medicinal seeds, which have been used to treat the liver. The leaves have large green and white patches and are very ornamental.



New - Mullein - Verbascum thapsus - Tall stately biennial plants to 8 feet.



New - Plantain - Plantago major - Dense rosettes of dark green spoon shaped ribbed leaves are often found in damp areas and tolerate every soil condition. They have naturalized in drier areas.


Self Heal

NEW - Native to Europe, this perennial ground cover is found all over North America. It is related to the mint family.

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