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Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

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Russian Red

NEW - This very rare Russian heirloom has variation in the size of the bright red fruit, averaged between 2 to 4 inches with a flat top.


Russian Rose

A picture perfect variety, beautiful ruddy deep pink skins and flesh, average size 4 inches . Early and bountiful production in the greenhouse or outside.


Shah Mikado

A very rare small beefsteak type from Japan, with the old fashioned triangular potato leaf. Smooth regular shape, yellow skins and flesh.


Sheybogan Paste

Sheybogan Paste - Endangered - This German family heirloom was brought to Wisconsin many years ago and has been a local favourite there. The pink/red fruit is elongated with pointed ends, usually 3 ...


Siberian Pink Cherry

Siberian Pink Cherry - Endangered - Stocky bush plants, a true determinate, is a huge producer of deep pink small oval cherries. Excellent keepers and very weather proof.


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