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Organic seeds grown on Salt Spring Island, BC

Copper Kettle offers people without homes or shelter, emergency supplies (i.e. tents, sleeping bags, warm clothing, and food). We network regarding other goods and services to fulfill acute needs and provide referrals to other services and advocates. Gift certificates for groceries are also offered. Family to family mentoring and friendly check in is available for those who are shut-ins. Copper Kettle is a community partnership working with many other groups, associations and non-profits on SSI. A not-for-profit garden helps with food programs on the island. Copper Kettle is a grass-roots group and is supported solely by islanders for the sake of those less fortunate who live here.

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Copper Kettle

CK Poppy Mix

New - CK Poppy Mix - A stunning collection in every shade from deep purples/pinks/mauve/red/yellow/white plus singles and doubles.


CK Mustard Mix

New - CK Mustard Mix - A delicious colourful blend of mild and spicy mustards that have naturalized at the Copper Kettle Garden.


CK Calendula Mix

New - CK Calendula Mix - Another naturalized flower selection of yellow and orange varieties that bloom profusely all year round in Zone 8.Very drought tolerant and handles light frost. Delicious ...


CK Blue Lupin

New - Perennial Flower - CK Blue Lupin - Lupinus spp. - Prized for it’s early heavy blossom set and loved by the bees, this selection is mildew resistant.Bushy plants support multiple stems filled ...


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